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The Best Mother’s Day Brunch in Banff

the post lake louiseLast weekend was Mother’s Day in Canada, and whilst sadly my own Mother is back in the UK, we had more than enough mothers this side of the pond to warrant a bit of a celebration.

It’s become a tradition of ours to take the Sunday and head out to Lake Louise for a Mother’s Day brunch at the Post Hotel. This is a secret we’ve kept to ourselves for a few years now, and it always always seems to be a bit of a locals’ reunion. But after deliberating long and hard, we’ve realised it’s a secret we really can’t keep to ourselves anymore.

The post hotel is pretty fancy, and hidden away in the hamlet of Lake Louise – roughly 40 minutes from Banff (Most people blow straight through the stop junction at Lake Louise towards the Fairmont, and never even realise what they’re missing). Naturally if you’re heading to a fancy hotel for brunch, you can expect a pretty hefty price tag. At almost $100 per head, it’s certainly not the cheapest option out there, but having said that, for the incredible quality of the food alone, we think it’s actually a pretty reasonable price – and hey, it’s only once a year!

 So as we mentioned, the Post doesn’t do buffets year round, but once a year on Mother’s Day, the Post really pulls out all the stops and puts on an unbelievable seafood smorgasbord. If you’re into seafood and all you can eat buffets, this place will blow your mind. We’re talking all you can eat lobster, smoked salmon, Alaskan King Crab, and sashimi/sushi, as well as a big selection of meats, cold salads, and soups.

the post lake louise

the post lake louisethe post lake louise buffetthe post lake louise

The seafood is the real crowd pleaser, and we went back for plate after plate of some of the best smoked salmon and sashimi we’ve found in Canada. It’s pretty incredible and one of the few places we’ve found that really performs on Mother’s day.

But wait, we still haven’t even mentioned the desserts. If somehow you’ve still got space after all that salmon, there’s a massive table of every kind of dessert you can think of. Pastries, chocolate covered strawberries, mousses, cakes. Anything you can think of. And if you’ve STILL got space, there’s a big plate of cheese to top you off.

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We waddled out of the Post utterly stuffed and satisfied and you can guarantee we’ll be back again next year for another Mother’s Day brunch in Banff. Looking forward to seeing you there next year!


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