Banff New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve in Banff

We’ve spent New Years Eve in cities around the world – including the Champ Elysees street party in Paris and Edinburgh’s famous Hogmanay – and there is hardly a place more magical than Banff. The Canadian dollar is at an all-time low and for those Canadians who don’t want to spend an absurd amount of money going abroad, Banff is the ultimate vacation destination for the holidays. It’s also an especially good time for visitors from abroad to take advantage of the exchange rate in your favor. For starters, the town still has the afterglow of the Christmas season so it’s incredibly festive and lit with charming decorations and lights. There’s a whole roster of good restaurants with delicious New Years specials ranging from steak houses to 6-course surprise dinners. And as everyone knows, Banff knows how to throw a good party.
We’ll break down the perfect NYE in Banff for you here and help you plan the perfect luxury vacation to ring in the New Year.

If there’s one time to splurge on a delicious dinner, it’s New Years Eve, and Banff has no shortage of good restaurants and venues. If you’re looking for something classier (bow ties and gowns) then you can opt for the New Years gala at the Banff Springs Hotel which includes dinner, dancing, champagne and music. In the mid-level price range there are restaurants downtown that serve up 4- and 6-course dinners like Le Beaujolais where you can dine in a more intimate environment in one of Banff’s most loved classics and a local favorite. See a complete review of our NYE dinner experience here.
Our recommendations:
Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel New Years Gala $$$$
Chinook Restaurant (Banff Park Lodge) – New Years Eve Dinner Buffet $$$
Rimrock Hotel – Primrose / Eden $$$
St. James Gate (Dinner, Live Entertainment, Party Favours, Champagne Toast)- $$

Wanting to stay in a castle for New Years? How about a big chalet with 8-12 of your closest friends? Or a romantic cabin in the woods for you and your partner? Banff has got it all when it comes to finding the perfect place to stay on New Year’s Eve. No matter where you choose, you’re still going to ring in 2016 in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.
Here are our personal favorites:
Cozy Cabins in Banff
Hidden Ridge Resort
“Castles” in the Rockies
Rimrock Hotel
Whichever you choose, is usually my go-to for finding the right accommodation. It’s one of the only sites that includes hotels, B&Bs, hostels and specialty cabins on one site. And they have the best rates in the area.
If you’re looking for some cheaper accomodation and more detailed information, please check out Cheap Accommodation in Banff.


As per tradition, Banff Avenue becomes a pedestrian-only zone on NYE and everyone floods the street in a sea of party hats, noisemakers, singing and fireworks for a few blocks before midnight. Make new friends, watch the fireworks soar above the mountains and make sure you’re completely bundled up because Banff in December can be COLD. It’s all worth it, though, once you’ve made new friends and new memories to last forever.

Banff stays true to its reputation as a party town and you can expect there to be numerous places to have fun after the countdown. Whether you’re looking for a nightclub or something more intimate, all the options are there.
If being in the center of the hustle and bustle isn’t really your thing you can always opt for a quiet, romantic celebration in the mountains – backcountry cabins or even resorts further away from the town are a great option for visitors looking to truly get away from it all.

Sounds wonderful and exciting but you’d prefer to let an expert book your trip for you? View our New Years Eve Packages here. We take care of all the boring stuff so you can just show up and have fun. Our packages are completely customizable and you can make any special requests that you’d like. If you would like to know more or need our help with planning just shoot us an email at – our vacation concierge service provides complete end-to-end planning of your holiday: reservations, full itinerary and round-the-clock support throughout your stay. / @elite.yyc on instagram

This year we decided to spend New Year’s in Banff instead of staying in Calgary, and it’s definitely a trip worth making. Here’s our advice to make New Year’s one to remember.
1. Book a hotel… Early.
We found a room in October and it was one of the very few remaining in Banff. Plan in advance so as not to be disappointed. If you want to make the evening even better, we suggest going with a group and booking a cabin with a few beds; ‘Tunnel Mountain Resort’ has a bunch, and with a big group, the rate per person is actually pretty reasonable.
2. Book dinner…Early.
Banff is obviously packed on New Year’s, so choosing and booking a restaurant early is a must.
If you’re looking for somewhere really special to bring in the year with a bang then we just have to recommend ‘le Beaujolais’, located right at the end of Banff Ave. On any normal evening, you’ll have the option to try the 6 course surprise menu, which we can guarantee will blow your socks off, but on New Year’s there is a special 4 course New Year’s menu. We decided to give it a go this year and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Here are some of our photos from the meal (the filet mignon was unreal)…

Also, if you’re into wine, then you’ll have the opportunity to sample some delicious and unusual wines with prices ranging from the reasonable to the obscene.
Overall, this 4 diamond restaurant is well worth trying and it’s a fantastic way to start the year as you mean to go on!
Depending on what time you finish dinner and what your interests are, you may want to retire to your hotel for some drinks with your group and continue your party there until a bit closer to midnight.
3. Shortly before midnight, head out onto Banff Ave and join the street party.
The street will be closed for vehicles and this year the entire street was rammed with people in anticipation of the fireworks and the celebrations. The atmosphere was amazing this year and well worth the trip out. The whole town was buzzing and we loved every minute of it here at eliteyyc! We 100% recommend making the journey out to Banff and bringing in the new year in this unforgettable place!

4. If your wallet is feeling a bit heavy after dinner and the hotel, then you might want to check out some of the clubs Banff has to offer (You have the choice of Hoodoos, Sasquatch or Aurora). This year cover for Sasquatch was around $100 on NYE, so brace yourself!
Bring on 2016!


Restaurant Le Beaujolais on Urbanspoon


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